Giving Back

When a London member, who prefers to remain anonymous, heard of the recent funding challenges faced by Epilepsy Support Centre, he called the Centre to see how he could help. He learned that the loss of funding would make it difficult for Epilepsy Support Centre to offer the critical programs and services that help educate the public, reduce the stigma associated with epilepsy, and support families and individuals when they receive a diagnosis of epilepsy.

Within an hour of that phone call, Epilepsy Support Centre received the donor's $8,000 cheque. This generous donation will fill gaps in public education and support services funding and ensure they'll continue to be available.


Epilepsy Support Centre's video used in first aid training

The Sarnia branch of Canadian Red Cross is incorporating the Do You Know What To Do? seizure first aid video in their first aid and CPR training. After hosting a Seizures 101 presentation by Epilepsy Support Centre staff, Community Services Coordinator of Canadian Red Cross, C.J Taylor, approached the Centre about including the video in their standard First Aid courses.