OTF Funding for Youth Programming

Thanks to the generousity of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, ($182,300 over 3 years) Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario will be introducing a youth engagement program called YEP!. This program is geared toward youth aged 12-18 living with epilepsy. YEP! will encourage youth to join the #purplenation, meet other youth living with epilepsy, share their experiences, have their voices heard and live like an #epilepsywarrior!


On Saturday, March 4, 2017 ESWO and MPP, Teresa Armstrong announced the recent generosity from OTF through a Grow Grant at ESWO's Information Day Conference. 


Research has shown that youth living with epilepsy often experience poor psychosocial, physical and emotional outcomes due to perceived stigma, academic difficulties, low self-esteem and difficulty obtaining employment. ESWO's new YEP! Program will aim to provide timely support to help youth living with epilepsy to understand their condition, manage their emotions and guide them through essential skills that will help build their self-confidence, reduce barriers, develop and strengthen emotional and social skills.


Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario would like to thank Ontario Trillium Foundation for their generosity. We are looking forward to delivering this program in the upcoming months!


News Release


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