All Children Belong

CJ is part of a camp where helmets and seizures are simply no big deal, and kids can just be kids. We need your help, ESWO is launching a crowdfunding campaign to help support their inclusive camps for children with neurological conditions.


Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition of childhood, and has impacts beyond the seizures themselves. Many children struggle with stigma and feel different at a time when fitting in is important. Additionally, parents often experience anxiety and fear around leaving their children due to the unpredictability of when the child's next seizure will happen.


ESWO is currently in need of funding to continue operating their children's programming. Without the support of the community, the programs may not continue at full capacity. The campaign will run for a month in hopes of raising $15,000 to support yearlong programming.


Please help support our children's programming at ESWO by making a donation. Every dollar counts and will help to send children like CJ to camp this summer. To donate and for more information, please visit:


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