1 in 100 Canadians have epilepsy. Many families whose children have seizures do not tell the school about their child's diagnosis, fearing she or he will face discrimination and unnecessary exclusion from full participation in school activities.


We provide a range of services that help you and your staff accommodate children with epilepsy and help them reach their full potential: Student Information Sheet




Grade 5 Thinking About Epilepsy Presentation

Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario offers Thinking About Epilepsy, a FREE 45-minute interactive classroom presentation. Designed to increase knowledge about seizures and decrease stigma, this presentation meets specific expectations of the Grade 5 Ontario School Curriculum. The facilitator uses props, EEGs, the Famous People Game, video clips and an interactive demonstration to reinforce specific expectations.


Domino's Pizza of Canada Ltd. now offers pizzas for Gr. 5 classes that book a 'Thinking About Epilepsy' presentation before December 2016 in both Thames Valley and Windsor/Essex Counties. Presentations can be scheduled anytime during the 2016-2017 school year. Eligible schools must be within 15 minutes of a Domino's Pizza of Canada Ltd. store location. This is the last year of this promotion, so don't miss out!


Booking Sheets: 

Gr.5 Thinking About Epilepsy - Catholic

Gr.5 Thinking About Epilepsy - Public

Classroom Presentations

Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario's free Classroom Presentation teaches your students about epilepsy and helps make your classroom a more welcoming environment for children living with epilepsy or seizures disorders. We've adapted our Grade 5 Thinking About Epilepsy program to educate children of all ages. Depending on the grade level, the presentation will be between 20 and 45 minutes. The Classroom Presentation will give age appropriate information about the brain, what a seizure is and what to do if someone has a seizure. All presentations require access to a SMARTboard or computer, speakers and data projector.

Booking Sheet


Teacher Training

Epilepsy Educators teach school staff about epilepsy, seizure first aid, medication side effects and learning strategies for children with epilepsy. Educational videos and PowerPoint format are used, as well as, resource materials for each school. Presentations range from 30 – 60 minutes based on time allotted. All presentations require access to a SMARTboard or computer, speakers and data projector.

Booking Sheet


School Resources

Seizure Protocol & Seizure Plan for children with epilepsy and seizure disorders in schools. 
Download Seizure Protocol


Seizure Log as a tool to track important information about seizure timing, triggers, frequency, etc.
Download Seizure Log



Contact your local Educator for further details on how we can help you make your school a safer and more welcoming environment for people living with epilepsy.


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Thames Valley (London/Middlesex, Oxford, Elgin): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 519.433.4073

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